A & K Group USA Creation Nail

An Innovative Product That Will Revitalize the Struggling Nail Industry

A & K Group USA Creation Nail: Introducing our new product for Manicures and Pedicures

  1. A complete manicure and pedicure with drying done in one session. (Each work done at the same time)
  2. Work is done 40 % faster than a conventional manicure and pedicure.
  3. Each chair is equipped with a TV and music player for your pleasure.
  4. Can be easily installed in small spaces; measures 4’ x 8’.
  5. No plumbing needed.
  6. No construction permit required.
  7. No lengthy construction period.
  8. Clean with no unpleasant odor.
  9. Each chair uses a disposable water tank which requires no cleaning and provides a sanitary environment for your customers.
  10. The advanced features and durability of this product will greatly benefit your business in today’s highly competitive market society.
  11. Minimum order of chairs is 10. Period of manufacture is 3 months. Production is limited to 50 orders on a first come first serve basis.
  12. 10 chairs can fit in an area of 1000sq ft.

New Invention Pedicure Model NO AK-01

Features with

  1. Massage
  2. Hand dry
  3. Foot dry
  4. Whirlpool
  5. Smartphone battery charge
  6. TV
  7. Music